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Millions in Mexico warned to prepare for evacuation as Popocatépetl volcano spews ash

Millions of people in Mexico have been warned to prepare for a possible evacuation after increased activity from the country’s

The deadliest volcano in the western hemisphere might be waking up

The Nevado del Ruiz volcano has been inactive since 1985, but it’s begun showing signs of activity lately. As a

Χρήστος Βαρατάσης Χρήστος Βαρατάσης

Russia’s most active volcano erupts, shoots ash plume 10 kilometers high

The Shiveluch volcano in Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula erupted sending an ash plume up to 10 kilometers high that may pose

Χρήστος Βαρατάσης Χρήστος Βαρατάσης