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Viral Video of mammatus Clouds in Argentina leaves Internet Amazed

An unusual cloud formation in Argentina, which looked liked giant cotton balls, left locals stunned. The cloud formation phenomenon which

Χρήστος Βαρατάσης Χρήστος Βαρατάσης

Weather satellite detects record-cold cloud temperature of minus-168 degrees

On Dec. 29, 2018, a weather satellite peering down over the Pacific spotted a cluster of towering thunderheads with extremely

Χρήστος Βαρατάσης Χρήστος Βαρατάσης

Scientists have discovered deepest point on land

A new study shows that the deepest point on land is under the Denman Glacier in East Antarctica. Glaciologists at

Χρήστος Βαρατάσης Χρήστος Βαρατάσης