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Canada’s wildfires spread, evacuations in Quebec

Some 10,000 coastal Quebec residents have been forced to evacuate homes as wildfires engulf more Canadian provinces, in what is

Χρήστος Βαρατάσης Χρήστος Βαρατάσης

Pakistan: At least 9 killed after rain, hailstorm lash parts of Sindh, Hyderabad

Heavy rains in Hyderabad and other regions of Sindh in Pakistan have claimed the lives of at least nine people,

Χρήστος Βαρατάσης Χρήστος Βαρατάσης

One killed and two injured as sandstorms hit Egypt on Thursday

According to Ahram Arabic news website, a billboard collapsed on a car and a motorcycle travelling on the October bridge

Χρήστος Βαρατάσης Χρήστος Βαρατάσης